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About Fedro Service Inc.

Fedro Service, Inc. is committed to providing both heating, ventilation, and cooling services as well as home performance contracting and building. It’s our belief that customers should have great air quality, efficiency, safety, and overall better comfort. We offer quality HVAC service and installation, home performance energy contracting, air filtration, energy efficiency, and system and duct design.


Owner Ronnie Fedro and father, Charlie Fedro, have been servicing Central Texas for over 30 years making sure both residential and commercial clients receive the highest caliber of both customer service and quality systems for their needs.

Texas weather brings a unique blend of hot, cool, and in between year around. It’s not odd to run your air conditioner in December or January and your heater in late March or early April. Fedro Services knows it’s important to make sure your systems are running efficiently as seasons change and often bring the opposite of what we expect. Call us today for any questions or if you are in need of a systems check to make sure whatever season we are experiencing, you are prepared.

Winter Checklist

iStock_000017255553XSmallWinter is fast approaching, and it’s vital to have a properly working heater. The time to make sure that your heating system is working properly is autumn, well before the temperatures start to drop so low that you need to turn up the heat to keep things comfortable inside your home.

Along with having your home’s HVAC checked out and tuned up by Fedro Service Inc., getting your heating system ready for winter is about more than just comfort, although a properly maintained heater will do a better job of keeping your home warm in the colder months. Keeping your heater is working properly means lower heating bills as well as eliminating the hazards which can result from a home heating and cooling system which is in poor condition. You also won’t find yourself with a broken down heater in the dead of winter.

Contact us today for a Winter maintenance and systems check. (254) 863-5105